Personal coaching


- Personal coaching
- Training and consulting in leadership skills
- Training and consulting in personal development interviews
Self-management and development


- Stress management
- Retreats or reward courses for good employees
- Time management
- Discovering one's potential and inner strength
- Training in communicating skills
Development of a team
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Baltic Corporate Training OÜ
  Development of a team

Every team is a group that is unique and in constant development and change. Every stage of development presents new challenges that expect more from the team members. In the process of team work training and consulting we help participants to reach a new level in their cooperation. An order for team work training is always unique and is based on the needs of a concrete team. Here are some of the most important subjects to be covered:

  • Knowing one another better in team, endorsing sense of unity
  • Developing cooperation, identifying resources and possibilities for it
  • Preventing and resolving tensions in team
  • Clearer perception and recognition of one´s roles
  • More efficient use of one´s potential in a team.

One training day costs 25 000 kr (VAT not included).