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- Personal coaching
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- Stress management
- Retreats or reward courses for good employees
- Time management
- Discovering one's potential and inner strength
- Training in communicating skills
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  Self-management and development

Training courses in self-development may be compiled of various subjects of self-management, based on the needs of the client. The goal of the training course is to improve people´s quality of life, inner motivation, to improve handling of stressful situations and to more clearly recognise and consciously direct one´s inner resources. 
Stress management
Most people are conscious of being stressed. However, it is quite common not to know how to give oneself sufficient help in a critical situation. It is hoped that a situation will solve itself, life will ease up, and unpleasant symptoms will disappear all by themselves. In a stress management course, every participant will discover ways how to cope more effectively in stressful situations. The goal of the course is to understand the essence of stress and more skilful management of it. During the course we talk about the positive and negative influence of stress on both body and mind. Participants will learn how to recognise the symptoms of stress and how to handle everyday stress in different ways. The course is practical in its aim; participants will have a hands-on experience with the techniques used in everyday life of how to improve one´s well-being and livelihood.
Retreats or reward courses for good employees                                      
Every company has times when employees contribute to its work with special care and enthusiasm. They achieve significant results for the company and reach the set goals. There are times of very intensive and craving periods of servicing clients or completing crucial projects. Talking to specialists or employees at times like this we have often heard that especially then employees expect care and attention, recognition and support from their superiors. For times like these we have created a package called "A Reward Course for Good Employees". The aim of this course is to give an energetic boost to the participants, stepping out of daily routine and stress, having good experiences, and (re-)discovering various ways of recharging and motivating oneself.

Time management

Do an avalanche of tasks and other people manage my time or do I want to do it myself? Am I able to? What to do in extremely packed and strained days? How to find time for myself, for people and activities important to me? During a course in time management answers will be found to these and many other questions.  During the course one will learn to create a suitable system of time management. Present limitations in current use of time will be spotted and possibilities for the more satisfying way of time management will be identified. Participants will learn flexible planning and skills of keeping in mind the priorities while planning.  As a result of the course participants will be more effective in their use of time and therefore more satisfied with it.                                      
Discovering one's potential and inner strength
Man uses a fraction of his inner strength. By employing various methods, participants will analyse their satisfaction and effectiveness in different areas of life. This gives them greater clarity in their short-term and long-term goals. Result of the course is increase in people´s inner motivation and skills to direct their strength according to their set goals and perceived needs.

Training in communicating skills
Communicating skills are something that can be learned and trained. By acquiring various effective ways to express oneself, to listen to a partner´s needs, to establish good contact, one can create more satisfying relationships and exercise one´s influence. Good communicating skills help to save energy in strained situations and to faster solve seemingly impossible ones. Here are some of the more basic topics in this training: identifying one´s development tasks as a communicator rehearsing communicating skills, incl. establishing contact and maintaining it, skills of active listening, skills of self-assertion, skills of solving a conflict.